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Nutricia baby food

Nutricia was looking to implement a category management solution, which enables shoppers to make better choices, discover more products and increase the shopping experience.

Nutricia baby food is a specialized division of the food company Danone, focused exclusively on scientifically proven food for babies and toddlers. As baby food is a hard-to-shop category, Nutricia appealed to Haystack to understand how different category management support systems contribute to a better shop experience and ‘shop-ability’.

Haystack used projection techniques with eye tracking systems (Sens-Pack) to analyse a variety of in-store communication cues and category management. Haystack was able to analyse the unconscious shopping process and recommend the support systems with the highest impact.

Nutricia used the Haystack case to convince retailers in the Netherlands and Belgium to change their category management. Baby food shelves were reorganized for improved shopper experience and increased sales. 

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