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About haystack, committed to sensory & marketing research

haystack is committed to sensory and marketing research. We dive into the consumer experience to understand what triggers them. We help build your brand by engaging the consumer throughout the product lifecycle. By constantly developing and integrating new techniques, we are always ahead of the game and able to provide research results that are reality driven.

The bigger picture

Our goal is to provide satisfactory marketing research of the highest standards and in the best time possible. With a multi-faceted approach, innovative methods, and on-time project delivery, haystack is your best choice for making better products, selling them at a profit and enhancing customer experience!

Tapping into the brain

Nearly 90% of purchasing decisions takes place at the unconscious level of our minds. haystack uses insights and tools from brain science to understand the functioning of the mind and how decisions are made. With reaction time measurement, facial coding, eye-tracking, EEG and GSR, we investigate product empathy, impact of product features, arousal, and associations to brands and products. Bottom line? Being able to activate the buy button in consumers’ brains.

We’ve got it covered

haystack is globally present, yet with strong local anchoring to take into account diverse cultural flavours. On top of being the founder of the Sens Group, haystack is also a member of Esomar, Febelmar and the European Sensory Network, an international network that shares our philosophy and approach.

Finding needles

We are dedicated to our work and our clients. We are passionate about what we do, to provide the context in which your products or services can flourish, stand out and be loved. We find the object of your search in the proverbial endless haystack that you are surrounded by. It takes a stellar market research company to do so. It takes haystack.