haystack, a major international market and consumer research company

haystack turns products and brands into stellar experiences.

With reality-driven and science-based sensory & marketing research, we reveal what consumers really want. We turn insights into tangible recommendations to help you create superior products and brands, and unique shopping experiences.

haystack, an international market and consumer research company, is the sum of two companies, previously known as Rogil Research and Keystone Network. And even though we are not terribly keen on clichés, the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts. We are perfectly complementary. We are marching to the same tune.  And together we can do even more for our customers.

Discover the solutions we offer as a market and consumer research company:

  • products: develop, launch or maintain successful products.  From generating winning ideas, creating concepts and screening products that support the concept, to actually testing the products themselves.
  • sensory: evaluate products by expert panels and/or non-expert consumers to understand how products are perceived, and to make them meet customer expectations.
  • shopper: find ways to activate shoppers to buy your product, all along the path to purchase.  Who shops what?  When and where do they shop?  How and why do they buy?
  • branding: understand and map your business, the markets you’re in, your customers, and how you communicate your brand to them.  Find out where you are, how your customers perceive you, and rise above the competition to get where you want to be.
  • immersion: step into the world of the customer and experience your business from his point of view.  A first-hand, in-field experience enhances consumer-focused thinking and fosters an appetite for customer understanding.  Engaging with your customers ultimately leads to improved products and brands.