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Claims & names testing

The objective of claims & names testing is two-fold: on the one hand, determine preferred claims and names among your target audience; on the other hand improve claims and names to meet a larger audience. In a first phase, two or three online bulletin boards are set up for approximately 15 respondents. The boards contain a large number of possible claims and names, which are evaluated qualitatively.

The second phase consists of a large-scale online survey to a sample that is representative for your market. Respondents review pack shots and rate their appreciation on:

•          Fit between brand, sub-brand and product name;

•          Overall pack design and concept appreciation;

•          Relevance, credibility, consistency and distinctiveness of claims and benefits;

•          Purchase likelihood.


We provide clear directions on which claims and names resonate best, and how each claim or benefit should be fine-tuned to evoke the right associations.