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Qual tapas

We have something new at the office. Every two weeks, we organize a little get together among a select group of colleagues: “the qualies”. That is what we call the consultants that are specialised in qualitative research. At haystack we believe that combining different research methods provides a major added value. But we also strive to stay on top of things in each individual field. And for qualitative research, that’s when the qual tapas come in. These are regular informal lunch meetings during which we discuss news, innovations, trends, best practices and brainstorm on new research methods and techniques in the field of qualitative research.

An informal exchange session
Why did we call it “qual tapas”? Because we wanted to move away from the formal setting of the meetings we already have throughout the day. So, for about an hour, we chat, as qualies love to do, about any topic that one wants to dig into. We let creativity do its work. We find new ideas emerge from our unstructured chat. It could be about a new technique, a new trend, a case…

New hot topics from qual @ Haystack
For example, last time we discussed how semiotics, i.e. the study of signs and codes in the broadest senses possible and their meaning, can be a valuable tool in qualitative research. Next to that, the qual tapas is also an attempt to makes us prepare small dishes for each other, as our colleague Valmire did wonderfully last time by delighting us with delicious pancakes.

Shoot us your question!
Do you have a question, remark or suggestion about qualitative research in general or about a specific aspect (be it a research technique, recruiting, analysis…), feel free to drop us a line on twitter @HaystackInt or via email. We will happy do dig into the topic with you. Let’s start talking!

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