Haystack fieldwork services

All research results depend on the quality of the fieldwork, hence our wide range of high-quality services and high-tech facilities.  haystack delivers best-in-class fieldwork, both qualitative and quantitative, with attention to detail and meticulous supervision.

Among our quantitative services are hall tests; in-home placements; in-store, street and exit interviews; postal placements; mystery shopping; face-to-face interviews; recruitment; and many more.  As far as qualitative services are concerned, we can take care of recruitment, moderation of in-depth interviews, focus groups and online communities.

Our quantitative facilities are designed according to European quality standards (ISO and HACCP compliant) and of great technological and organisational efficiency.  The sensory lab is equipped with 13 fully standardised, separate booths where respondents evaluate products without any interference from external factors.  The sensory lab allows for descriptive sensory research (trained panels) or consumer insight/hedonic research (consumer panels).

The qualitative facilities meet all business requirements to run successful focus group or in-depths, from one-way mirrors and simultaneous translation to focus vision, recording and data projection. 

For Qualitative Fieldwork requests:
Tim Vanhoorneweder t.vanhoorneweder@haystack-international.com   + 32 16 74 70 91

For Quantitative Fieldwork requests:
Nathalie Latour n.latour@haystack-international.com    +32 16 74 70 19