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Shopper Behaviour and consumer experience for Mobistar

France Telecom – Mobistar was looking to optimize its shops, which are important consumer touch points, to increase sales by up- and cross-selling of particular handsets and accessories.

Shop layout and in-store communication have an enormous impact on shopper behaviour and consumer experience. The objective of this research was to get true insights that would allow Mobistart to rethink and redesign shop layout and in-store communication.

Haystack executed in-shop research such as qualitative accompanied shopping trips, in-store entry & exit interviews, observation cameras and mobile eye-tracking research. We combined this observation and exit interviews in competitive stores. Haystack was able to design a draft map of an ideal shop layout and in-store communication in order to maximize sales per target group and segment. Mobistar substantially increased sales, in particular cross-selling areas, thanks to Haystack research and consultancy. 

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