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Heinz Packaging Design

Heinz wanted to find out whether a secondary pack change could influence sales, before the pack was launched on the market. 

Heinz is constantly and successfully adapting to the changing and challenging consumer and economic environment, while driving impressive growth in traditional as well as emerging markets.

Research had indicated that changing a secondary element in the packaging could cut costs. Heinz wanted to investigate whether changing the pack would have an impact on sales. Ultimately, they wanted to find out whether the cost-saving pack could replace the existing one without harming the business.

Haystack performed eye tracking on a selection of shoppers in a simulated shop environment with the Sens-Pack method. The reaction was measured through eye tracking and face-to-face interviews, both in front of a virtual shelf as well as in a separate room. Among the things measured were attention, attraction, pattern, imagery & attitude and purchase intent.

Behavioural data resulting from haystack’s research indicated that the visual impact of the cost-saving packaging would have a negative effect on sales and therefore would harm the brand, giving more exposure to private labels. 

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